About Us

Welcome to Ava-Lou Q&A.

Who are you? I am the mama behind it all, Ellie.
I am 26 and have two beautiful & amazing children who send me totally crazy daily - Ava & Connor.

What does Ava-Lou represent to you? Ava-Lou is my job.
It could almost be called an unhealthy obsession, that is how much I love what I do.
It is my escape, my downtime.
I love creating pieces for all the babes of Aus/NZ and when I receive images of my clothes being worn - it is nothing short of incredible.

What is your favourite thing about Ava-Lou?The handmade community is such a beautiful place that I'm grateful to be part of. I don't get much adult interaction in my day-to-day so having made some lovely friends through Ava-Lou has made me feel that bit more human.

Where do you see Ava-Lou in the next five years? Ava-Lou has been around for quite a few years. I have so many plans and dreams for this little business, that sometimes I overwhelm it (it's a flaw of mine in all aspects of life). So I have decided to strip it back for 2019, to focus on daily achievements rather than an end goal.

What is the hardest part about Ava-Lou? It isn't a 9-5, you can switch off from the rest of your life to complete kinda-job. So it's done around my children, my partner, never-ending housework and the everyday chaos constantly in my face.. which sometimes manages to interfere with my best intentions.